Thebe Solar Energy


Thebe Solar Energy (Pty) Ltd (TSE) was established by Thebe Investment Corporation (Thebe) in 2016 to source and develop renewable energy projects for the commercial solar photovoltaic market. This forms part of Thebe’s strategy to invest in renewable energy and create a black industrial renewable energy company. Thebe Solar Energy will sell these projects to clients or to special purpose companies held by Thebe Solar Energy Investment Holdings.


Thebe Solar Energy Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (TSEIH) invests in solar PV projects through special purpose companies (SPVs), which SPVs sign 20-year Power Purchase Agreements with off-takers. These SPVs are either wholly-owned subsidiaries of TSEIH or co-owned by TSEIH and the relevant off-taker. TSEIH’s strategy is to build a diversified portfolio of Solar PV PPA projects. TSEIH acquires and invests in projects from TSE as well as from third party developers or investors.


Thebe Power Solutions (Pty) Ltd (TPS) supplies engineering services and products to TSEIH’s projects, and is responsible for the operations and maintenance (O&M) services of the TSEIH projects during their 20-year operational period.


Thebe Power Solutions was founded in 2012 as a supplier of inverters to solar PV plants. In 2017 the company’s strategy changed to become a Renewable Energy Operations and Maintenance Asset Management Company.


Thebe Power Solutions is responsible for professional energy audits, engineering and O&M services for subsidiaries and associates within the Thebe Investment Corporation and Thebe Solar Energy Group. These services are also available to project developers, companies, funders and owners of solar PV projects.




TSE considers the following industries to be currently well suited to benefit from solar PV as an alternative solution to their energy requirements.


  • Property Owners / Developers
  • Shopping Malls
  • Manufacturing
  • Large Commercial Farming
  • Mining
  • Industrial Plants
  • Tourism
  • Co-operatives

Solar PV as a GREEN ENERGY reduces carbon footprint and is already more economical than traditional energy sources.  Off-takers and plant owners also benefit from procuring energy from a company owned by Thebe, a Level 1 AAA+ BBBEE company.



TPS provides the following key equipment and services:


Key Equipment:

  • Solar modules
  • Inverters
  • Mounting systems
  • Energy storage systems


  • Operations and maintenance
  • Plant monitoring
  • Energy efficiency


TSE provides the following services:

  • Energy audits
  • Plant design
  • Turn-key project development


Thebe Solar Energy will complete the development process for projects as follows:

  • Plan construction
  • Secure contractual obligations
  • Project Cost Analysis
  • Financial structuring and modeling
  • Fund raising
  • Transmission and Interconnect study
  • Interconnect and Power Purchase Agreements